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  Posted on: Monday, December 7, 2009
A December 7th Message Regarding the Proposed Copenhagen Climate Treaty

A December 7th Message Regarding the Proposed Copenhagen Climate Treaty

Welcome to CO2IsGreen.org and for today, December 7th, 2009, to SpeakOutforAmerica.com. I would like to make some brief remarks about the meeting that is being convened in Copenhagen which will attempt to come up with an agreement, and ultimately a treaty, to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide.

The bottom line of what we believe the empirical observations are telling us about CO2 and climate change and the impact of restricting CO2 emissions follow:

1.    CO2 is not a major cause of climate change. While Earth's climate system is extremely complex, three key observations mentioned in the videos today, bear this out.

a.    Increases or decreases in atmospheric CO2 follow temperature changes.

b.    CO2's capacity to trap additional heat in the Earth's atmosphere declines very rapidly, logarithmically, and has nearly maxed out.

c.    Simply respecting the implications of a. and b. leads to a result that agrees with the empirical, real historical climate record. The empirical observations clearly falsify the hypothesis that CO2, including man-made CO2, is a major cause of climate change. The CO2 being added today is having an insignificant effect and is not and has not been observed to cause a significant positive feedback or a runaway warming.

2.    CO2 is not a pollutant. No scientist has come forward with a single example of CO2 being a pollutant. There are individuals, groups, politicians and our administration that commonly, for their own purposes, refer to CO2 as a pollutant. Knowingly or unknowingly, to call CO2 a pollutant is a blatant lie. As you learned in grade school, CO2 is the staff of life for the plant kingdom, and also for the animal kingdom that derives food from plants.

3.    Additional atmospheric CO2 has had and will continue to have a beneficial effect on Earth's plants and forests. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, plant growth has increased by an average of 12% and tree growth by 18%. These growth enhancements have occurred over and above the impacts of changes in precipitation patterns or farming practice improvements. This is confirmed by thousands of laboratory and field studies performed by the agricultural community, the government, universities, and commercial green house operators. To ignore these facts can lead to reductions in CO2 that will be detrimental to life on Earth.

4.    The studies mentioned in 3. above have documented the astonishing growth enhancement from additional atmospheric CO2 and the fact that plants water use efficiency improves significantly and leads to more drought tolerance. Also, the health promoting mineral content often increases, and common stresses to plants are better tolerated.

5.    To reap the benefits of this non-polluting, exceptional airborne fertilizer, which include the enrichment of habitats and ecosystems and providing additional food for undernourished populations, all we have to do is let the atmospheric CO2 levels continue to increase. The day will come when the reinjection of CO2into the air from burning fossil fuels will cease as the fossil fuel supply eventually depletes.

6.    To turn our backs on the potential benefits to Earth and its inhabitants of more atmospheric CO2 just makes no common sense. While the "green" industries, Wall Street, and the government will make billions or more, you will pay those billions; our President and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget have publically admitted it. The increased costs will appear in your food, utilities, transportation, and probably your taxes. Untold millions will die from malnutrition if CO2 levels are reduced and food production drops.

7.    Despite these facts, many companies are abandoning their principles and resigning from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce because they can see the opportunity to provide products or energy to so called "green" industries that will themselves make more billions..that will come out of your pocket. All this will occur in the name of reducing CO2, a clear, odorless, and tasteless but life giving atmospheric gas that is not causing significant climate change.

8.    If the USA should sign and ratify this proposed treaty, you, your children, and your grandchildren to come, will be paying unspecified dollars far into the future for our "sins" of reinjecting CO2 into the atmosphere that has increased the food production of the nations to which we will be paying! It is no wonder that those nations are anxious for us to sign such a treaty before America wakes up to the fact that CO2 is NOT driving climate change.

9.    If the science that CO2 is causing climate change is so scientifically settled within the global warming community, why do you not see bonafide, moderated debates on the subject? It is because the global warming community cannot stand the heat of empirical observations that prove this hypothesis false. Their catastrophic forecasts, loved by the media and our administration, are derived from models that have already been proven inaccurate and inadequate. They don't want to have to confront the empirical evidence that indicates their models and hypothesis are wrong.


Thank you for your interest in our efforts to try to move this discussion from politics, personal interests and misplaced emotional reactions back to science and common sense where it belongs.

For additional information, please continue to visit our educational website at plantsneedco2.org and our advocacy website at co2isgreen.org.

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